December 12, 2008

Look What We Found, a Treasure!

Look what we found safely tucked away in our archival stock room! As most of you already know, we are closing our doll department and have marked down the prices on all our dolls for clearance.

They are almost all gone, except for a few remaining treasures!

One of these treasures is a set of Gotz handcrafted dolls, named Franz and Marianne, that were made in Germany!

Gotz Dolls

Franz and Marianne are so cute! They are soft-bodied, huggable dolls that any doll lover, young or old will love! They are a limited edition, made by Gotz of Germany to commemorate their Gotz Doll Company anniversary.

Franz & Marianne come with accessories, a wooden cycle and wagon. (Be sure to see the additional photos on the website.)

Because they were handcrafted and only a limited quantity were made, they came with a hefty retail price. But we are going to give them to you at the wholesale price!!!!

We only have a few sets of the Franz & Marianne Gotz dolls, so try not to delay ordering if you want one. Doll orders that come in over the weekend will be shipped out on Monday by UPS.

About the Gotz Germany Factory - It is closed down, Gotz is no long producing handcrafted dolls in Germany. It is extremely difficult to find these dolls now.

About our Archival Stock Room - Because I am into archival preservation, we have a special stock/storage room that was especially designed for proper archival textile storage.

It is where we keep the heirloom fabrics and laces that are purchased by our internet and mail order customers. The room has the ideal temperature and humidity level for textile preservation, plus it is germ free! This is why the fabric you receive from us is in such pristine condition.

When Gotz announced they were closing down their German factory, we ordered as many of their dolls as we had room to store. I insisted that room be made in the archival stock room for the dolls. So that's where they have been. The Gotz dolls are in the exact same condition as they were when we received them from Gotz! We even went so far as to cover each doll with archival tissue for added protection.

Order Franz & Marianne today at wholesale cost!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Heirloom Sewing For Children.

P.S. We also found a few more Gotz dolls tucked away, including one of the Gotz 2003 Precious Day dolls named Elisabeth and a Gotz Hilgard Gunzel artist doll named Joy. I will try to get these up on the website as soon as possible, but don't know if I can do it in time for holiday shipping.

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