December 18, 2008

Gotz, Adora and Corolle Dolls On Sale

To help save you time from searching through the list of dolls on the website, we'll list for you here, which dolls we still have available.

Gotz - Joy

One of the prettiest dolls we have ever stocked is a Gotz doll name Joy. The attention to detail on this doll is extraordinary.

Joy was handcrafted in Germany by Gotz. Her artist is the internationally famous doll artist, Hildegard Gunzel.

She is a limited edition doll, only 750 were produced. Joy is 25 inches tall, a great size for those who love to sew doll clothes!

Here's your chance to own Joy at 40% off the retail price! Visit her webpage for a full length view.

Note - We may be able to arrange a layaway option, contact us if you're interested.

Adora - Christine Nicole

This is one of my all-time favorite Adora dolls! Christine Nichole looks so sweet all dressed in pink.

She has blonde hair, blue eyes and is 22 inches. Like all Adora dolls, she feels like and smells like a real baby!

Christine Nichole is also a limited edition, retired doll. We only have one left in stock so place your order soon before she is gone forever.

Read more about Christine Nichole.

Adora - Name Your Own Baby

We also have a red hair, green eyes, 20 inch Adora baby doll from the Name Your Own Baby collection.

This baby has short hair which is great for wearing baby bonnets. This particular model doll can be dressed as either a boy or girl baby, it looks great as either one!

Although this baby is not a limited edition doll, Adora has retired this model. They are very difficult to find.

This sweet baby doll is ready for adoption at 40% off the retail price!

Read more here about this doll.

A Few More Dolls Still Available

Babicorolle - We still have a Babicorolle, a 12 inch doll for ages 12 months and over.

Babies love these dolls. They have a light vanilla scent and feature plush fabrics that are so soft. This doll makes a great gift for a baby.

View the Babicorolle.

Franz & Marianne

On our last blog post, we told you about Franz & Marianne. As of now, we only have one set left. If you missed that post, you can read it here.

December 12, 2008

Look What We Found, a Treasure!

Look what we found safely tucked away in our archival stock room! As most of you already know, we are closing our doll department and have marked down the prices on all our dolls for clearance.

They are almost all gone, except for a few remaining treasures!

One of these treasures is a set of Gotz handcrafted dolls, named Franz and Marianne, that were made in Germany!

Gotz Dolls

Franz and Marianne are so cute! They are soft-bodied, huggable dolls that any doll lover, young or old will love! They are a limited edition, made by Gotz of Germany to commemorate their Gotz Doll Company anniversary.

Franz & Marianne come with accessories, a wooden cycle and wagon. (Be sure to see the additional photos on the website.)

Because they were handcrafted and only a limited quantity were made, they came with a hefty retail price. But we are going to give them to you at the wholesale price!!!!

We only have a few sets of the Franz & Marianne Gotz dolls, so try not to delay ordering if you want one. Doll orders that come in over the weekend will be shipped out on Monday by UPS.

About the Gotz Germany Factory - It is closed down, Gotz is no long producing handcrafted dolls in Germany. It is extremely difficult to find these dolls now.

About our Archival Stock Room - Because I am into archival preservation, we have a special stock/storage room that was especially designed for proper archival textile storage.

It is where we keep the heirloom fabrics and laces that are purchased by our internet and mail order customers. The room has the ideal temperature and humidity level for textile preservation, plus it is germ free! This is why the fabric you receive from us is in such pristine condition.

When Gotz announced they were closing down their German factory, we ordered as many of their dolls as we had room to store. I insisted that room be made in the archival stock room for the dolls. So that's where they have been. The Gotz dolls are in the exact same condition as they were when we received them from Gotz! We even went so far as to cover each doll with archival tissue for added protection.

Order Franz & Marianne today at wholesale cost!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Heirloom Sewing For Children.

P.S. We also found a few more Gotz dolls tucked away, including one of the Gotz 2003 Precious Day dolls named Elisabeth and a Gotz Hilgard Gunzel artist doll named Joy. I will try to get these up on the website as soon as possible, but don't know if I can do it in time for holiday shipping.

December 5, 2008

Ginger Snaps Designs in Creative Needle Magazine


Last week, I mentioned that the current issue (December 2008) of Creative Needle magazine features baby clothes made with patterns by some of our favorite designers.

Several of them are Ginger Snaps Designs by Nancy Coburn.

On page 31 of the magazine, is a white cashmere cotton garment with button and needlework rattles that is made from Ginger Snaps Designs Kimono Sleeve Daygowns pattern. The instructions in the magazine are on page 77.

I absolutely love the Kimono Sleeve Daygowns pattern sewn with the cashmere cotton. It is warm, very soft and durable.

diaper cover

You can throw it in the washing machine and dryer many, many times and it doesn't show wear!

When you order the cashmere cotton, order enough to make a matching blanket.

Toddlers love it, especially to drag around as their favorite "blankie".

And for that type of blanket, you'll appreciate the durability factor of the cashmere cotton.

Also in the December issue of Creative Needle magazine, you will find another outfit made from two Ginger Snaps Designs patterns.

diaper shirt

The cute yellow pique baby outfit (on pages 51 and 52) is made from Baby Diaper Covers and the Baby's Diaper Shirt patterns.

All of these are very easy patterns to sew and a lot of fun!

We have over 20 different Ginger Snaps Designs baby patterns in stock! Browse through the entire collection and you'll find patterns for baby heirloom gowns, daygowns, more diaper covers, sacques, bonnets and more.

December 2, 2008

New Patterns From Ginger Snaps Designs!

This month we are pleased to be featuring patterns from Ginger Snaps Designs, by Nancy Coburn.

Whether your experience level is a beginner, advanced or somewhere in between, you are sure to enjoy sewing a Ginger Snaps Designs pattern. Every pattern includes thorough instructions, along with illustrations and explanations.

For example, the following is an excerpt from one of Nancy's newest patterns, Heirloom Bonnets I:

"I have based my pattern sizes on the CDC measurements for infant girls. The head circumference measurements for infant boys are generally 1/2" - 3/4" larger than the measurements for girls......"

The attention to detail in the instructions is very helpful, especially if you are sewing for a baby or child that does not live near you. Without being able to measure the child, an accurate pattern with good explanations is very important for proper fit.

2 New Baby Heirloom Patterns

We have two new baby heirloom patterns from Ginger Snaps Designs, in stock and ready to ship.

Heirloom Bonnets I

heirloom bonnets

Heirloom Bonnets I - This pattern contains easy to sew bonnet designs for Swiss eyelet trims. The pattern fits sizes Newborn - 24 Months.

This is a versatile, quick and easy pattern. If you prefer, laces can be used instead of the Swiss eyelet or you can even use leftovers or scraps from other projects.

The bonnet would be beautiful and would be a very special heirloom if you were to use bits and pieces from antique garments.

When I first saw this pattern, I thought it would be a perfect project on which to use the Vintage Baby Machine Embroidery Disks by Martha Pullen. I can't wait to try it! I plan on using the Swiss Silky Broadcloth for the fabric.

The 5 pages of instructions included with the pattern, also show you how to make the sweet, three-leaflet ribbon ties.

This is a pattern you will want to have on hand in your pattern library. It's perfect if you need a quick gift for a baby shower or if you want a small and easy project for beginning heirloom sewing or if you just want to have fun being creative.

Read more about the Heirloom Bonnets I pattern

Heirloom Christening Gowns I

baby gowns

Heirloom Christening Gowns I - Here it is, a classic heirloom baby gown pattern for you to sew! A high yoke gown, with lace bands and tucks, has a gathered skirt and your choice of either long or short puffed sleeves.

Take the guesswork out of making a beautiful heirloom baby gown by choosing this new pattern from Ginger Snaps Designs. If you can sew a straight stitch and a zigzag stitch, you can make this gown! Nancy's detailed instructions will guide you through every step.

So go ahead and get started! You will have so much fun and have a beautiful family heirloom when you are finished.

This pattern fits sizes Newborn, Small, Medium and Large.

Read more about the Heirloom Christening Gowns I pattern

Two Free Vintage Patterns!

Today we have two more free vintage patterns from which you can choose! They are from the vintage pattern collection donated by Mrs. Jo W. in Orangeburg, S.C.

Both of these pattern envelopes, the Simplicity in particular, are in fragile condition. We recommend that you trace the pattern pieces that you want to use, onto tracing paper or lightweight interfacing. Then use your traced pieces to cut out your garment, thereby saving further wear and tear on the fragile vintage pattern.

How to claim one of these patterns: For fastest submission, use our Vintage Pattern Request form that we setup especially for this. Each pattern will go to the first person who notifies us that they want it. No purchase necessary.

Today's Free Vintage Patterns

Simplicity 4026 - Size 2

Child's Snowsuit, Jacket, Slacks and Hat: The snowpants feature knitted cuffs and extra knee patches to protect the active youngster. The jackets in views 1 & 3 have zipper front closing. Jacket in View 3 has front button closing. Elastic casing finishes the waistline of the pants.

We cannot find a date anywhere on this pattern, but it was made when Simplicity patterns sold new for only 35 cents.

vintage pattern

Use this link to notify us that you want this pattern, Simplicity 4026.

Little Vogue 1824 - Size 6x

Smocked Children's Dress: Above knee or ankle length smocked dress has Peter Pan collar, back zipper closing and tie ends attached at side seams. Short and long sleeve variations.

We also cannot find a date anywhere on this pattern, but it was made when Vogue patterns sold new for $3.00. From a glance inside the pattern, it looks like the iron-on blue smocking dots are still inside there!

Use this link to notify us that you want this pattern, Little Vogue 1824.