December 5, 2008

Ginger Snaps Designs in Creative Needle Magazine


Last week, I mentioned that the current issue (December 2008) of Creative Needle magazine features baby clothes made with patterns by some of our favorite designers.

Several of them are Ginger Snaps Designs by Nancy Coburn.

On page 31 of the magazine, is a white cashmere cotton garment with button and needlework rattles that is made from Ginger Snaps Designs Kimono Sleeve Daygowns pattern. The instructions in the magazine are on page 77.

I absolutely love the Kimono Sleeve Daygowns pattern sewn with the cashmere cotton. It is warm, very soft and durable.

diaper cover

You can throw it in the washing machine and dryer many, many times and it doesn't show wear!

When you order the cashmere cotton, order enough to make a matching blanket.

Toddlers love it, especially to drag around as their favorite "blankie".

And for that type of blanket, you'll appreciate the durability factor of the cashmere cotton.

Also in the December issue of Creative Needle magazine, you will find another outfit made from two Ginger Snaps Designs patterns.

diaper shirt

The cute yellow pique baby outfit (on pages 51 and 52) is made from Baby Diaper Covers and the Baby's Diaper Shirt patterns.

All of these are very easy patterns to sew and a lot of fun!

We have over 20 different Ginger Snaps Designs baby patterns in stock! Browse through the entire collection and you'll find patterns for baby heirloom gowns, daygowns, more diaper covers, sacques, bonnets and more.

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