April 21, 2008

Updates on Tiaras & Swiss Tulle

If you have been waiting for either the Silver and Pearls Tiara or the Garden Pearls Headband tiara, they have arrived and are ready to ship!

A note about the Silver and Pearls Tiara - It was on sale when we ran out of them, so we will extend the sale a few more days to give you a chance to order yours at the sale price of only $22.95.

These tiaras are so pretty! Both are silver plated and have pretty little seed pearls. Girls of all ages love them! Perfect for flower girls, brides, birthdays and many more special occasions.

Update on the white Swiss Tulle (netting) from Bear Threads Ltd. -

There's good news and bad news on this fabric. The good news is that Bear Threads has sent us all of the white Swiss Tulle that they had in stock.

The bad news is that there is a only a very small amount of it. Bear Threads told us that they do not know when they will be getting anymore of it in from Switzerland.

If you will be needing any white Swiss Tulle it is a good idea to order as soon as possible before it is sold out. By the way, Bear Threads did say that there is plenty of the Ivory color Swiss Tulle available.

Swiss Tulle is softer than English Netting, it also has smaller holes. You can see a comparison picture on the main website.

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