April 18, 2008

Sewing With Kids - Yes It Can Be Fun!

Several months ago, feeling very brave, I invited all 3 granddaughters to my sewing room. I needed a project that could be sewn fast and would capture and hold their attention.

The pull-on skirt in Martha Pullen's Sew Kool 4 Kids was chosen for the pattern. Hannah and Maleah wanted red skirts and Ashleigh wanted a blue one. We used Featherwale Corduroy, but any medium weight fabric would have worked.

All three of them wanted to decorate their skirts with machine embroidery and decided on a butterfly design. For the younger girls we used a butterfly design from Martha's Mini Collection. Ashleigh wanted a larger butterfly and chose the one from Dainty Designs.

The machine embroidery turned out great. It was very easy using the Floriana Wet and Gone Tacky. With this particular stabilizer, you do not hoop the fabric. Instead of hooping the fabric, you hoop the stabilizer and place the fabric on the sticky stabilizer. Very easy!

Because I didn't want the embroidery stitches to sink down into the corduroy fabric, we placed a water soluble stabilizer on top of it before stitching. The girls were absolutely fascinated with the embroidery machine!

That was Hannah's first time at seeing a piece of flat fabric turn into a cute skirt that she could wear! At only 4 years old, she loves clothes.

Managing Children in Your Sewing Room

The secret to managing energetic kids in your sewing room is to "de-energize" them! Earlier in the day, I sent Ashleigh and Maleah over to my son's (Hannah's daddy) house where there are acres and acres for them to run and jump and play to their heart's content!

When they returned, along with Hannah, they were more than ready to sit still and relax in the sewing room!

In the following video, you can watch them de-energizing before our sewing session.

Have a great weekend!

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