September 18, 2009

Sewing Inspiration

We have a real treat for you! Recently, we added several new photographs to our Photo Gallery.

In case you haven't had a chance to see them yet, I'll give you a sneak peak here. It will really be worth your time to take a few minutes to browse through the new photo slideshows on the website.

After years of planning and buying and saving lace, The Heirloom Senior Portrait Dress is a mother's dream come true. It is absolutely gorgeous! I hope it inspires you to also start planning an heirloom dress to sew when your daughter reaches her senior year.

View the photographs and read Debbie's story.

Is there anything more exciting than sewing for a first grandchild? Little Miss Charlotte is absolutely adorable in her heirloom dress sewn for her by her grandmother. It is so sweet, you just have to see for yourself.

View the photographs of Little Miss Charlotte's Heirloom Dress.

1 comment:

Goosegirl said...

Beautiful dress! Just last night I started going through my antique lace collection to wash and prepare for designing India's graduation dress. I have received so many beautiful hand made laces over the years and I know they will make this dress very special.