November 28, 2008

Winter Fabrics, Patterns and Current Sales

Heirloom Fabrics

silk dupioni

Silk Dupioni in winter colors, red/green gingham dots and red check gingham is on sale at 20% off!

You can find Silk Dupioni in many places, with different prices and different qualities, but remember, not all Silk Dupioni is the same.

gingham silk

The Silk Dupioni we carry is from the Martha Pullen Co. and it is the best we have ever seen. It is a perfect weight for clothing and makes beautiful special occasion heirloom garments for children and for adults.

See the solid color Silk Dupioni and the gingham silks.

Swiss Wool Challis
is another good selection for winter special occasion garments. It is lightweight, soft and drapes beautifully.

See the Swiss Wool Challis.

Swiss Flannel
is another all-time winter favorite and is often used in children's clothes. Unlike other flannels, it is lightweight and very soft.

When people see it for the first time, they often say "That's flannel???" Add a touch of English Lace for embellishment and it makes a gorgeous holiday dress!

See the Swiss Flannel and English Lace.

Featherwale Corduroy is a long time favorite for children's winter clothes, both casual and special occasion. It's sturdy and hold's up well with repeated washings.

The Snow White is beautiful, many people remark about how much it resembles velvet. You can save 15% off the regular price!

See the Featherwale Corduroy.

Silk Satin Ribbon

Embellish your garment with buttery soft, double faced, silk satin ribbon. Save 30% on the 2 inch wide Red silk satin ribbon! Yes, it is real silk and it is gorgeous!

See the Silk Satin Ribbon.

Hand Embroidery Designs

Wendy Schoen's Embroidery Designs For Christmas is on sale at 40%!!! This 24 page, soft cover book has over 150 designs that can be used on collars, bibs, baby blankets, placemats, pillowcases and more.

Order yours today and at this price, you can order one for a sewing friend too!

Heirloom Patterns for Girls

victoria lynn

Do you need an elegant heirloom dress pattern for a young lady?

Maryanne and Victoria Lynn, both by Kay Guiles are very popular and will please even the most picky young teen or preteen.

Both of these patterns are for sizes 4 - 14.

See the Maryanne and Victoria Lynn patterns.

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