October 24, 2008

Special Offer!

Our fabric wash sale continues with a special offer. Forever New is absolutely the best fabric wash for delicate fabrics that I have ever used. It is an all natural, gentle and safe fabric wash that rinses out completely. This is very important for your washable heirlooms.

Special Limited Offer

All of you who buy more than one bottle of Forever New at a time will love this special!

Buy 3 or more bottles of the 32 oz. size Forever New fabric wash and we will give you a Forever New Combo Pack, an $18.00 value, FREE, at no additional cost!

Just sent us a note when you place your order and request the free Forever New Combo Pack. This offer is only good while supplies last.

A Forever New Combo Pack includes an 8 oz. bottle of Forever New fabric wash (perfect to take along when traveling) and a large, high quality lingerie bag for fine washables and lingerie. The Combo Pack also makes a very nice gift for a friend.

This is an unadvertised special offer for our blog readers, it will not be mentioned anywhere else.

For baby's laundry, our hypoallergenic fabric wash, Variance, is also still on sale.

Upcoming Special Announcement!

Very soon, we will be making a special announcement about someone you all know and love. And in celebration of that announcement, we will be giving away several more vintage patterns.

I'm going to try to get into the office on Sunday evening (10/26) to post the announcement and the vintage patterns. So check your email on Sunday evening for the notification. Stay tuned.............

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