March 31, 2008

Ashtyne's Heirloom Dress Pattern is Back in Stock!

The Ashtyne's Heirloom Dress pattern is one of the most popular patterns we carry and we are very pleased to announce that it is back in stock!

The pattern includes the Trendy Casual Dress adaption supplement.

Whether sewing a fancy or a casual variation of this pattern, you will find Nancy Coburn's detailed instructions extremely helpful.

It is a multi-sized pattern in sizes 1 - 6. For more information and close up photos see Ashtyne's Heirloom Dress.

Beginning Heirloom Sewing by Machine DVD - Back in Stock!

Martha Pullen's new heirloom sewing instructional DVD has sold so fast that it seems to fly off the shelves!

We have more in stock now so you can order yours today.

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