October 16, 2007

Winter Heirloom Fabrics and Black French Lace

Wool Challis

We absolutely love the beautiful, festive Red Wool Challis from Bear Threads Ltd and we think you will love it too!

Those little square graphic scans of the fabrics on the website don't do the heirloom fabrics justice. The red wool challis is sooooo pretty! It would make up into a gorgeous holiday dress. It's lightweight and drapes beautifully. Very nice. We want you to try it so we put the red wool challis on sale at 25% off.

And speaking of red............

Featherwale Corduroy

The Red Featherwale Corduroy from Fabric Finders is in stock now. These are great fabrics, you can dress them up or dress them down. They are strong and durable, yet almost look like velvet.

The Snow White featherwale corduroy is beautiful! The last time we stocked the Snow White color, it sold out almost immediately.

Black French Lace and English Netting

Since there seems to be a rising interest in black French lace and black English netting, we thought you might like to try some. This is the same heirloom lace that you've being using in white, ivory and ecru, except this is black. It is elegant and pretty.

Stay tuned....................... coming up next, for beginners, a mistake-proof tip on how to sew lace to lace and end up with perfectly straight seams!

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